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Build decentralised applications, create NFTs and other digital assets, data oracles, and more using the Cudos network. You can use our resource portal to get started. And if you’re building something that helps us grow and brings value to the Cudos ecosystem, be sure to apply for a grant.

Cudos Community Programs

The Cudos community of builders and creators are the backbone of the foundation, and our greater network. As such, we have several ways you can join and contribute to our ecosystem, including hackathons, startup competitions, validator staking, and attending or even hosting Cudos events.

Benefits of Building on Cudos


  • High application performance
  • Developer-friendly smart contract tools
  • Composable asset management


  • High cryptographic security
  • Cross-chain interoperability
  • Carbon-neutral transactions

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Community Programs

We have many programs for our community of builders,creators and evangelists interested in building the future of decentralised, sustainable compute. Join our Discord to learn more about how you can participate in each of these programs.

Our programs include the following:

Hackathons &
Community Events

We will be hosting and participating in both virtual and in-person hackathons, startup competitions and other community building events all over the world this year. We’d love to have you join us.


If you’re ready to help us revolutionize the computing industry and would like to earn Cudos in the process, then you’ll be a perfect fit for our new and improved Ambassador Program that will be announced soon.

Bug Bounty

We’re working with our community to find security vulnerabilities to keep Cudos projects, users and developers safe. Get rewarded for ensuring the security of Cudos by finding bugs in our blockchain network.

Community Governance

As part of our next steps, the Cudos Foundation will be implementing community governance programs that give community members that are staking CUDOS token rewards and the opportunity to participate in critical decision-making activities. We are committed to enabling the entire CUDOS community to participate in the growth and development of the Cudos blockchain protocol and our decentralised compute network.

Join Our Team

Are you hungry and eager to learn and take on a new vertical in the evolution of blockchain networks? Do you have an interest in creating a sustainable future while changing the way society transacts and businesses consume energy and power? Are you ready to join a high-growth and high impact team?

Then come help us build and expand the Cudos network

We love great talent, so let us know how you can contribute by sending us your resume and telling us what your superpower is.